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White Collar HTML5 Ad

The First Browser-Based HTML5 'Gamified' Rich Media Ad for the iPad.

*2011 MOBi award winner for best iPad/Tablet ad*
*2011 OMMA award winner for best Rich Media - Single Execution*
*2011 MediaMind Smart Ad: Americas*

GLOW has forged new ground once again by creating an interactive rich media advertisement that is truly a first for the iPad. The ad integrates the brand in real-time with New York Times page content, introducing a new level of engagement never before seen on the iPad.

"The iPad rich media, over-the-page browser ad for the premiere of WHITE COLLAR is undoubtedly the first of its kind for any iOS device," stated Alexandra Shapiro, SVP Brand Marketing and Digital at USA Network. "By customizing the interactive experience for our current and potential fans, USA is using technology to create more meaningful and memorable communications."

Previously unavailable on iOS devices, Glow's innovative approach works to intelligently integrate their clients' solutions with ads to develop a truly interactive, brand-relevant, experience. In the case of WHITE COLLAR , iPad users will be delivered a self-contained, FBI-themed game that is integrated with content from WHITE COLLAR and is playable from within the ad banner. Users take on the role of a special agent and are given an easy-to-use, virtual scanner tool that can be dragged off the banner unit and around the page of The New York Times to hunt for hidden clues living within the actual content of the page. When found, they simply drag the tool back to the ad unit to solve the clue, which will in turn provide a reward response and unlock exclusive video content, including sneak-peaks or other special footage from the show only seen within the ad.

The game within the WHITE COLLAR banner ad is built entirely in JavaScript specifically for HTML5 browsers compliant with the iPad platform in mobile Safari. It is also completely user-initiated, unobtrusive, easy to play, and easy to quit or close.

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