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White Collar : 36 Hours

A new approach to interactive gaming, 36 Hours gives gamers a video-based companion to help them as they piece together a blurry past.

36 Hours Trailer
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In a new endeavor, we added a sidekick for the player into the live action video, interactive game experience for USA Network's hit series White Collar. This additional element created a whole new dimension of game play and helped to move the player along between games and tasks that involved decoding ciphers, gleaning information from social networking sites, forging documents and much more.

Another aspect of this effort was the sponsorship integration of the Ford Fusion. We seamlessly wove the car into the live action video and still photography scenes throughout the game experience giving it the desired level of prominence without being intrusive.

With the help of their loyal sidekick, Simon, and trusty lab tech, Jake, the player must sift through their cloudy memories to piece together what happened to them over the last 36 Hours. Along the way they can uncover hidden games and bonus items, gain achievements and unlock exclusive White Collar content. The stakes have never been higher and the gaming has never been more fun!

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