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Monk Shuiborhood

Feng Shui has got nothing on Monk Shui. Help Monk clean up his neighborhood in this time-based interactive game!

Monk likes to keep his neighborhood clean, but it's not easy to maintain his very high standards of purity. Using the principles of Monk Shui, the player is tasked with cleaning up different locations throughout Monk's neighborhood to get them looking exactly the way he likes them before time runs out.

In a unique take on sponsor integration, we incorporated a Choice Hotels Sleep Inn into the map of Monk's neighborhood. For every area of the map that the player cleans up to Monk's standards, they unlock a mini game that can be played at the hotel - and the game environment is a still photo of an actual Sleep Inn room. This allows for a break in the OCD to have some fun and associates positive activity with the sponsor.

But it's not all fun and games, so don't forget to help Monk clean up his 'hood!

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