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Strange Attraction

An episodic side-scrolling adventure game that bridges the gap between hardcore and casual game play …

"Strange Attraction" bridges the gap between hardcore and casual gaming. The episodic adventure integrates elements from hardcore gaming – including skill, developed characters, episodic plots and action to provide a richer experience – into a game that users can play, pause and return to anytime, which is key for casual gamers with less time to invest.

Our design team worked tirelessly to develop an unsuspecting, likable hero named Gus and crafted a mysterious plot that unfolds as players advance throughout 20 levels and three different worlds. The game begins with a comic book, episodic story that introduces the player to the hero of the game as well as the plot (which involves the villagers being captured by a strange machine) and goals (for Gus to save his friends). The adventure opens with “training” for the first phase of game play to become familiar with the controls and most importantly the “gravity switch,” a major component to master in order to rotate the environments within the game to solve and complete puzzles required to advanced to the next levels. Collecting coins, achieving points and defeating villains will occur throughout the game, and completing the game means not only solving all levels in the game, but it also means completing the story and seeing how Gus will fare in his quest.

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