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Warehouse 13: HTML5 Ad

GLOW innovates with first ever in-browser expandable HTML5 ad conceived exclusively for the iPad audience.

First in-browser HTML5 rich media unit for the iPad.
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We have always sought new ways to innovate in the digital ad space. So when the iPad launched in early 2010, we immediately began searching for a client, publisher and vendor who could help our vision come to life.

SyFy jumped at the chance, along with one of the largest online publishers, New York Times. Rounding out the team was and rich media vendor Eyewonder. The result was the first ever rich media expandable ad tailored specifically for the iPad browser.

The 16.7 percent of people who interacted with ad were treated to a unique swipe-to-expand call to action mechanism, that when activated, opened to reveal options to view show information, watch promotional video, as well as view cast bios and cast videos.

Point your iPad (ideally) or Safari/Chrome browser to the link below:

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