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Ongoing Social Strategy

GLOW provides ongoing social strategy to Jersey Mike's Subs

Jersey Mike's Subs has reached never-before-seen levels of social awareness and engagement in the history of the corporation. GLOW partnered with Jersey Mike's to create two compelling social campaigns for the summer of 2012 that would excite and expand the existing Jersey Mike's Subs social audience.

In the first, "Wreaths Across America Fundraising Campaign," Jersey Mike’s offered to donate money to the charity for every new “like” acquired, up to $25,000. The fans were called into action--and they answered. Instead of just acquiring “empty likes” from fans who just “like and forget” about the Jersey Mike’s Facebook page, we were able to grow the existing fan base as well as get a significant portion of them to like, comment, and share more on Timeline.

The second, "Throwback Summer," saw Jersey Mike's taking their fans on a journey through the history of the company, starting with the 1950's. Each week received its own decade, and each post was full of iconic images and stories from both Jersey Mike's and America's days of yore.

Campaign Highlights:
  • The Jersey Mike's Facebook page grew more during those 70 days of summer than it had all year.
  • Facebook "likes" grew 28.46%.
  • The average number of stories created each week is now over 6,000, which is up a whopping 445% on the weekly average prior to summer 2012.
  • There were over 60,000 stories created about Jersey Mike's subs online during summer 2012, which is double that of all stories prior to that in 2012.
  • Jersey Mike's has extended it's Facebook network of friends and their friends to over 20.8 million.
  • At the peak of the campaign week ending July 8, the “People Talking About This” stat for Jersey Mikes had increased 900% based on the average of all 2012 data.