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Photo sharing just got a lot more fun!

Picma is not your typical “snap – filter – post” photo-sharing app. Picma™ is all about sharing and enjoying pics with friends and having fun doing it. Earn rewards by unlocking “caps” and see how you stack up against your friends…and the world! We’re taking photo sharing to the next level.

Simply put: We created Picma to make sharing photos more fun.

We know you like to collect things so we've created some of the coolest achievements and best looking caps for you to unlock. You can unlock caps in unusual ways because achievements are tied to the time of day, holidays, photo tags, user interactions, locations and even the weather!

Ohh yeah, and Picma takes great looking photos too. So, what are you waiting for? Get snappin' before your friends get a head start. With Picma, when you share a photo, you never know what you might get!

App features include:
  • 30 photo filters
  • Over 200 caps to unlock and brag about
  • Social sharing features
  • Commenting and social network features
  • Photo discovery
  • Stats to compare you vs. friends and the world
  • Push notifications to keep you in the game

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